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Sumudu Narayana conducted a beta-read on the manuscript of my first novel "Darwin's Wake". Sumudu provided an efficient, comprehensive, and professional service that certainly made my manuscript a superior product. She was able to highlight areas where additional work was required while maintaining the flow of the narrative. I would highly recommend Sumudu to anyone who requires the insights of a well-read and insightful professional.

Peter Mitchell

Need some feedback on your manuscript, but not feeling ready to show people yet? 

I will provide independent, honest, constructive feedback on big-picture elements.


$150 flat fee up to 100,00 words

I can help you create and refine your submission package – your synopsis and sample chapters.

I will provide clear, objective feedback in an editorial letter.


$300 flat fee

In these 1hr consultations, I will read and analyse a portion of your manuscript (up to 5000 words) and provide practical suggestions and resource recommendations to enable you to enhance your writing and build your technical skills.


$150 flat fee

I help authors take their writing further through personalised mentoring. 

During these sessions, you will get in-depth advice on specific aspects of your manuscript. These sessions are designed to be flexible and focus on big-picture issues of your choice.


$300 for a 5hr block

SYNOPSIS and SAmple Chapters




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