I provide creative guidance to authors to help them develop their novel, as well as meticulous sentence-level editing.

Not sure what editorial service you need? Don’t hesitate to contact me to find out more information.

I offer free sample edits to help determine the level of editing required and to create an estimate.

Genre Specialisms: To be able to provide the best feedback, I only work in genres that I am familiar with. These include (adult and YA): fantasy, romance, literary fiction, historical fiction and crime.

This is the step before structural editing where I will read your manuscript closely to identify the strengths and weaknesses within the story. I will evaluate the overall structure, content and style; and provide clear, objective feedback in an in-depth editorial letter.

Also known as developmental editing, this form of editing focuses on the content of the manuscript. I will provide comprehensive scene-by-scene feedback focusing on overall theme, style, plot, character, dialogue, pace, flow and other story-telling techniques. All my suggestions will be made with the target reader in mind.

I will provide line-by-line edits to ensure clarity of writing and language consistency. I will check and correct for consistency of grammar, spelling, capitalisation, punctuation, and other similar elements. I will also eliminate repetition, unnecessary words or phrases, and will flag wordy or awkward language that may need correction or explanation. 

This is the final step of the editing process and is used to pick up final errors before publication. I can help you refine your document by checking for typographical errors, proper word usage, basic grammar, typos, misspellings and ensure consistency with punctuation and format.

Structural editing

Manuscript Assessment


LINE AND Copy-editing

I loved working with Sumudu. She really took the time to understand my manuscript and the story I wanted to tell, then helped me take that story to the next level as a team. Her reports were fantastic; well structured, comprehensive, and highlighted the strengths of the manuscript as well as pointing out areas that could use more work in a specific and useful way. She's a kind person, a skilled editor, and a wonderful mentor. I look forward to working with her again in the future

Jo Alexander